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2009-09-16 22:22:28 by Chris-86

Go there, it's a great place. x.php


2009-09-16 21:13:45 by Chris-86

Ok, so I'm doing this project called A.D.V.E.N.T. It's based off of a 2-D fighting game on the PC called Mugen. It's highly customizable and I'm looking to basically make my own full game out of it. It did have 731 characters but that's too insane. I'll do it in 50 character game incriments. So this one has 50 characters. Basically I have nothing as far as drawings or anything. That's why I really need someone who can draw or sprite to please help me out with this. Basically,

1.You need to be able to draw the same pic twice and change it so that I can make an animation out of it.

2.I'm not paying unfortunately so you'll have to do with credit in the biggest Mugen project ever.

That's about it. Oh! and...DON'T QUIT ON ME!!!! Please....just don't quit.


2009-09-10 20:32:48 by Chris-86 you guys hate my music or something? score of 0.40? Really? Just say so, I'll stop posting, it'd save me time.